About notesheep

A research website for students in grades K-5

Hi, I’m Deb, the creator of notesheep. When I began my elementary librarian career nearly 15 years ago, I knew how important research skills were. I wanted to teach students how to find facts, put facts into their own words, cite their sources, and have fun with research.

Throughout my teaching years, I ran into many roadblocks, like databases with no consistent information, articles without audio, and websites with distracting ads.
I created notesheep so students could access high-quality articles with audio and no ads. Every article has consistent headings and simple facts. Every topic has a printable project with read-aloud recommendations, step-by-step directions, note sheets, and final project options for teachers and librarians to print and go.

If you are ready to have some fun with research while teaching research skills, give notesheep a try. Let us help!

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