Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas has written and illustrated 16 books for children. Her stories have simple words and bright illustrations. Jan draws in sketchbooks and then scans her illustrations onto the computer. Jan lives in Socorro, New Mexico, with her husband, two kids, and pet dogs.

What was their childhood like?

Jan was born on September 18, 1958, in Socorro, New Mexico. She has been drawing since she was three years old.

Where did they go to school and work?

Jan studied graphic arts at Oregon State University. Jan worked as an illustrator at the New Mexico Natural History Museum. She was also a graphic artist and made a comic strip with her husband.

What challenges did they face?

Jan states that she needs help coming up with good book endings. She starts every day with a run, walk, or bike ride, where she comes up with ideas. She tests them out with her family and then continues to edit and work on her story.

Did you know?

  • Jan eats oatmeal every day.
  • Jan has read Pippi Longstocking many times.
  • Jan’s least favorite food is peas.

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