What does Saturn look like?

Saturn is the second-largest planet and the fifth-brightest object in our solar system. Saturn is a giant gas planet made of gases like hydrogen and helium. Saturn has the fastest winds of all the planets. Saturn has seven rings made of chunks of ice and rock. Saturn has 146 confirmed moons, including the second-largest moon in our solar system.

Where is Saturn located?

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun at 886 million miles. It is located in the outer solar system. Sometimes, it can be seen from Earth without a telescope.

What is a day on Saturn like?

One day on Saturn is about 10 hours. However, a year on Saturn is equal to 29 Earth years. There is no evidence of life on Saturn. Scientists believe that Saturn’s largest moon may be able to support life one day. Saturn has an average temperature of -288 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have any spacecraft visited Saturn?

  • Four spacecraft have visited Saturn. Each flew past the giant planet.
  • The U.S. launched Pioneer 11 in 1973. It took many photos of Saturn and Jupiter, recorded the temperature, and discovered a new ring. It continues to explore the solar system and contains a message to any life it may encounter on its travels.
  • The U.S. launched Cassini in 1997 to study Saturn. It recorded data on Saturn’s rings, its biggest moon, Titan, and its atmosphere before it burned.

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