Sample Projects

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Kindergarten eBook Activity (single class)

First Grade Animal Riddles Project (multiple classes)

Second Grade Hamsters Activity (single class)

Third Grade Scavenger Hunt (single class)

Fourth Grade Nonfiction Text Features Activity (single class)

Fifth Grade Natural Disasters Project (multiple classes)

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Kindergarten Lessons:

  • What animals eat 
  • Where animals live 
  • How animals move 
  • What animals look like 
  • Learning from photos 
  • Animals can/cannot 

First Grade Lessons:

  • Animal Riddles
  • Life Cycles
  • Dinosaurs *single
  • Animal Speech Bubbles *single

Second Grade Projects:

  • Scavenger Hunt *single
  • Animal Adaptations *single
  • Community
  • Authors and Illustrators
  • Hamsters *single
  • Dinosaurs

Third Grade Projects:

  • Scavenger Hunt *single
  • Animals True/False *single
  • Habitats
  • Pets
  • U.S. Landmarks
  • Nocturnal Animals

Fourth Grade Projects:

  • Scavenger Hunt *single
  • Animals Nonfiction Text Features *single
  • Planets
  • Food Inventions
  • National Parks
  • Koalas Guess the Answers *single

Fifth Grade Projects:

  • Scavenger Hunt *single
  • Two Truths and a Lie *Single
  • Food Trucks
  • Natural Disasters
  • Animals Funny Facts *single
  • U.S. Vacation Destinations
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